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Final Stand reveal – play it early on the CTE

Final Stand

Today, Battlefield revealed the theme for the Final Stand DLC slated to release later this Fall. Final Stand will be the last (scheduled) DLC package of Battlefield 4 (there has been some speculation of a pack of re-imagined maps, but it has been no more than a rumor to date).

Final Stand will take place in snowy Russia, and the fiction involves scientists working on experimental weapons. One map is said to include a battle pick-up that will be a rail gun firing powerful bursts of kinetic energy. In the trailer released today, the map Operation Whiteout is shown to include the prototype hover tank. The Battlefield Blog post states that players will discover these prototype weapons and vehicles, which makes me wonder if the hover tank will be unlocked via capturing a point (expect that capt...

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China Rising map previews [Video]

Gamespot has posted some video previews from a DICE Xbox One press event of the four China Rising maps for the upcoming DLC.  Unfortunately, by posting these videos, Gamespot was breaking their NDA, as these were not supposed to be released until December 3 (November 26 was the original date, but that was pushed back by EA/DICE).  Because of this, the videos have been set to private.  However, a reddit user downloaded the videos and has reposted them because they are not personally under an NDA.  Note that these may not remain up for long if EA/DICE asks YouTube to remove them.  Keep an eye on this reddit thread for possible repostings if they are taken down before you get a chance to see them, as well as for suggestions on how one might download the videos from YouTube to watch at yo...

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Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar Confirmed For Support Class

Battlefield posted a new screenshot today (full screen here) and revealed on their tumblr that the support class will have a redesigned gadget: remote-controlled mortar, in addition to the already revealed XM25 airburst launcher.

Unfortunately, no further information was revealed regarding the redesigned mortar, beyond it being remote-controlled, allowing support players “to give indirect fire support while staying with the squad.”  This sounds like a potentially exciting improvement for the mortar over what we had in Battlefield 3, which required the support to plant themselves somewhere far from the action.  Because so little was revealed, there are still a number of ways in which this could be implemented...

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Battlefield 4 indoor arctic map?

Sure you guys have seen the Battlelog trailer by now. The ”Next gen” is constantly talking about connectivity. Seems as though if they could find a way to connect us directly into the Matrix, they probably would.Yet it’s only now that it hints at what all this means.

The trailer shows just how connected the next installment in our favorite franchise is. With integrated smart phone and tablet support, this game is constantly surprising all of us in the best of ways.

Within the trailer they show a snippet of what this connection all looks like in play. Visible on a tablet with a map of a live game, a map appears and is covered in white snow. Also interesting to note is that this map looks like its 100% in doors.

I have made a video showing you guys what I am talking about and I also share...

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Vehicle upgrades visible to at spawn screen

This is an edited snapshot of in game footage showing what appears to be the gunner about to spawn into a Z-10W helicopter.  The spawner now has the ability to view the load out what the pilot, who is already in the heli at this point, is bringing along for the ride.

A brilliant little tweak which is welcomed personally by me and I am sure many others. It will now hopefully allow better cohesion between gunner and pilot as they can mix and match upgrades to suit play styles.

See the full size image over at Reddit

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A run through of all Battlefield 4 classes (videos)

Below are three videos going over some details Pre-Alpha has provided us on each of the 4 classes in Battlefield 4.

Some minor details may have changed between the videos and pre-alpha, alpha, and what was displayed on E3. For example, The Engineer will have exclusive access to PDW’s though I said that isn’t the case in the video. Also Recons will not be able to do a one shot kill unless at close range into the central chest.

More than just the details about what we know so far. I also added my own opinions, fears, and wish list as commentary to the videos. I really hope you guys enjoy the videos.

First Vide...

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Battlefield 4: Interview with DICE producer Patrick Bach (Video)

In a video interview recorded live at E3 2013 with Patrick Bach, executive producer for Battlefield 4, Back discusses how fans have reacted to Battlefield 4. The video covers a host of different points these include the following:

*Multiplayer balance
*Variety and changes in maps
*Gameplay customization
*Commander Mode

As Executive Producer for Battlefield, Patrick Bach is responsible for the finished game as a whole. This entails everything from what the game is supposed to be, its actual contents, shipping it on time and to quality, and finishing it within budget.

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Article: Battlefield 4 Optics vs Battlefield 3 (video)

Below is a video illustrating the differences you may expect to be seeing with the sights and scopes of Battlefield 4 compared to Battlefield 3.

The gameplay at the begining and the end is clearly Battlefield 3 footage, recorded from PC. There are screenshots from two perspectives. From the hip and aiming down the sights.

The first screen shot from each perspective is from Battlefield 3 followed by it’s counterpart from Battlefield 4.

You can draw your own conclusions from what you see, but personally I like the direction in which Battlefield 4 is taking the sights. The sights seem to have a lot more detail. Also some of the weaknesses seen in some of the optics in Battlefield 3 has been addressed and tackled in Battlefield 4.

If you guys liked it and found it useful, show support by subsc...

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Xbox One Exclusive Battlefield 4 DLC [UPDATE: Metro and Caspian?]

Speaking in a Q&A with Edge Online, DICE producer Aleksander Grondal revealed that the Microsoft platform, the Xbox One, would be getting a series of exclusives in the form of “popular maps”.

“That’s something we’re doing as an Xbox One exclusive,” He went on to say, “There are a few maps we’ve picked, we’re doing some re-work on them, adding a BF4 flavor. So that’s exclusive DLC for Xbox One. Some of the old maps are really good. And especially going back to BC2, I would love to see more of the BC2 maps.”

I’m sure these are timed exclusives which the PS3 had the pleasure of during the BF3 life cycle.

This could be some well needed good news for angered Microsoft fans due to their announcements at E3 this year.

[Update] Per Reddit user Demize99, dubbed a “Core Gameplay Designer @ D...

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