Naval Strike Maps Overhead Images Leaked – Analysis

Overhead images of the four new maps that will come with the Naval Strike DLC leaked recently and were first posted on the BattleRushGaming site. Be sure to visit BattleRush’s site for high-res versions of these images. These images depict vast expanses of water surrounding various sizes of island and other landmasses. Later, an Imgur link was shared within the community showing cropped versions of these map images believed to represent the playable area for infantry. Combining these images with Battlefield’s recent Q & A blog post on Naval Strike and the preview images we recently shared provides a lot of ammo for some exciting speculation. Before going further, I also want to credit a video by Kulprit008 on YouTube on the same subject, which provided ideas that added to and improved the ones I already had. Please go check out his video (I’ll embed below), as his ideas are quite good (as are his other videos), and he discusses possibilities regarding game modes that I don’t discuss in this article (how will Rush work, anyway?).

Lost Islands

First, let’s take a look at Lost Islands. I do not know if the maps depicted in the full-size images will be fully accessible by vehicle, or if they include the out of bounds ambiance that comes with Battlefield maps. Nonetheless, Lost Islands will clearly consist of a very large expanse of water surrounding a small cluster of islands. The cluster of small islands in the lower left of the grouping appears to be the center of the playable part of the map, as it includes a crashed airplane on the centermost of the small islands. Battlefield has mentioned a number of times that players will be able to destroy part of a crashed plane to create additional cover for infantry, so this appears to be part of the map’s levolution. The Lost Island preview image above focuses on the nose of the plane with a mountain in the background. This mountain has a flattened top, which makes me wonder if it might be a volcano. Could volcanic eruptions or related earthquakes and tsunamis be a part of this map’s design? I suspect the larger islands will not be part of the playable area for infantry, but at least the closer of the two will reachable by air. Expect someone to try landing on this island with a transport chopper to create a long-distance sniper perch.

Nansha Strike

Nansha Strike appears to consist of a large central island (well, three close islands connected by bridges) encircled by smaller islands. The lack of relative detail of the other larger islands in the big image of Nansha Strike leads me to believe the cropped image is very accurate regarding the playable infantry area of the map. The central island appears to be a fairly inhabited area and should provide some medium and close range engagements for infantry in and around the various structures. If any of these maps include land assets, such as tanks or an MAA, this will be the one. The upper island of the central triad has a heli-pad, so expect a chopper to spawn with the capture of a flag in that area. I also expect the lower left and upper right outer islands to be capture points, at the very least. DICE has indicated this map will involve a storm of some sort, though they have claimed weather used on these maps will not be the same as that used on others, so I’ll be curious how they change it up from Paracel Storm. Also, expect a fair amount of the map beyond these islands to be playable, at least for vehicles, as the Naval Strike product page claims this to be the “largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.”


Wavebreaker consists of a rocky set of islands with a large central island that encloses a naval base. The upper island appears to be the shipping docks referred to in the product page. Within the naval base is said to be a drydocked submarine that you can “drop on your enemies”. I suspect this will be a big part of this map’s levolution, in that you will be able to destroy support structures under the sub, causing it to crash and kill enemies, a la BC2′s Destructions 2.0. The blog post also indicated you can close flood doors on this map, blocking access for enemy vehicles. In the preview image showing the drydocked sub, one will notice the interior of the base appears to include a waterway on the left side. I assume this means one will be able to drive attack boats into the base to help cap the point contained within. The blog post also refers to this map as a “massive level,” which leads me to believe the naval base and/or the island containing it will consist of multiple vertical levels, as we have seen in BF4′s urban maps. This would allow for a lot of close-quarters combat and flanking routes in what would otherwise appear to be a straightforward map.

Operation Mortar

Operation Mortar is an abandoned cliff-side resort with “breathtaking vistas”. The Battlefield Blog post on Naval Strike states that weather levolution on this map will involve the rising sun, similar to Dawnbreaker. At the start of a round, it will be dawn, and the map will supposedly be lit by the lights of the resort. As the match continues, the sun will rise and the tropical islands will be “drenched” in sunlight. I am curious just how dark it will be at the start; will it be night-like? Expect significant elevation changes as you move from the low-lying islands with the resort’s sea level huts up to the cliff-side resort. I am curious how much of the resort buildings will be open to close quarters combat. Also, does the line of islands in the large image look strange to anyone else? They make me think of the bones of a bird wing or something. Probably just a coincidence…

What do you expect to see on these maps? Do you see any clues I did not?


Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
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