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28 minute Alpha Gameplay video pulled by EA

Approximately 10 hours ago (from writing), a number of websites posted a link to a 28 minute video showing “Battlefield 4 Alpha gameplay” that was posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, if you haven’t seen it, you missed out as EA has already had it pulled, leaving nothing but a “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EA” message.

The commentary on the video was mentioned to be in Russian, but that didn’t stop anyone from giving it a click, eager to see an in depth look at the gameplay as it stands.

The video managed to get posted to quite a few websites before EA pulled the plug, and each one has already had their fair share of comments made, so if you didn’t manage to see it, at least the comments will give you a good idea of what you missed out on...

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Ubisoft online store publishes Battlefield 4 system requirements [Update: Likely Placeholder]

Battlefield 4′s system requirements is said to be similar to those of Battlefield 3 due to the title being built on a similar game engine.

Today, in a mistaken publish on Ubisoft’s online store, possible leaked Battlefield 4 system requirements surfaced and look similar to those of BF3. Interestingly it mentions that the minimum operating system for BF4 is 32-bit Windows Vista on SP1, while the Alpha trials required a 64-bit Windows Vista running SP2. Being that the Alpha trail required more “juice” suggests that the requirements on Ubisoft’s site were/are a placeholder, bogus, or both. Not to mention, they looks extremely close to BF3′s requirements.

Ubisoft has since removed the post, but not before Mr. Good Eye Quick Hands grabbed a screen capture.

Below are system requirements for Bat...

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79 Images of Leaked Battlefield 4 Alpha Screens Show New Battlelog

The Battlefield 4 alpha trial is currently in progress and as expected,  leaked info is starting to surface. Participants in the the Alpha trail, which kicked off yesterday, were randomly chosen Origin and was exclusive to PC gamers.

The slideshow below shows 79 screen captures which shows off everything from soldier customization to the newly revamped Battlelog with an overhauled interface. In addition, there appears to be more than one type of silencers for weapons and it’s confirmed that there will be 3 types of grenades. Score another one in the  confirmed column for the Assault class geting two different kinds of med packs.

Be sure to check out our previous post: Battlefield 4: Confirmed facts about the game so far .. post E3

Enjoy the slideshow after the break

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Battlefield 4 Vehicle Customization Screen Leaked

On June 9th, we reported on a handful of leaked screenshots that hit the Internet supposedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4′s Xbox 360 version. On June 13th, those leaked screenshots proved to be true as DICE streamed live pre-alpha multiplayer footage from E3. A detailed look at Battlefield 4 soldier and weapon customization screens later emerged.

Adding to the list of leaked / confirmed customization screens are shown below: Vehicles.

Though only two images are shown for tanks, they appear to have the same armament as Battlefield 3. Attack helicopters are shown to have Zuni and Hyrda Rocket Pods as their primary weapon. Boats have a 30MM HE Shell or Burst Shell as their primary with ATGM and

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Detailed look at the Battlefield 4 customization screen

On June 9th, we reported on a handful of leaked screenshots that hit the Internet supposedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4′s Xbox 360 version. A dditional Pr e-Alpha images are starting to emerge (from E3?) that EA/DICE have not officially commented on nor confirmed it’s authenticity.

The leaked image, credit to Hazey652 on YouTube, shows several weapon customizations that may be coming to Battlefield 4.  Camo paints include ATOMIC AUTUMN, DIGITAL DESERT, DOT NAVAL, SNOW, FLAT URBAN, WOODLAND, HEXAGON NAVAL, SPLINTER URBAN, STARBURST DESERT, TIGER DESERT, and TURTLE AUTUMN. A new angled grip under barrel attachment as well as a few attachments are pictured.

Notably missing from the Recon class is the motion sensor ball seen during the live pre-alpha game stream...

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50+ Leaked Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Menus and Gameplay Screenshots

A handful of leaked screenshots hit the Internet this morning supposedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4′s Xbox 360 version. Their origin is unknown, other than a watermark across each image, but several of the screens reference the alpha test. The images appear to be from a multiplayer test on a map called “Siege” which is set in Shanghai.

Judging by these screenshots, Battlefield 4 could feature squads of up to 5 players, pistol, knife, and possibly grenade customization, dual sights, and battlepacks, which had been rumored earlier in a focus-group survey about the game.  Battlepacks would contain options like player skins, weapons and other accessories. Also interesting to note that there appears to be working elevators. Other new details include loadout and award screens and a new HUD.

View the full set of images after the break.

Battlefield 4 is...

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Latest Leak Confirms Release Date And First DLC Content.

It’s been a rough week if you are  preventing information of a modern military game from leaking because that’s all that has been happening. The latest victim is DICE with Battlefield 4. October 31st, 2013 is the official release date as leaked in some promotional material, at least for Australia. This means that this is most likely an October 29th release date for the United States. The first DLC add-on will be titled Drone Strike with a date of released to be announced. Check out the image.


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Battlefield 4 DLC ‘Drone Strike’ revealed as pre-order bonus

Thanks to a NeoGAF forum member that first leaked a photographed poster, it appears as if Battlefield 4′s first expansion pack, add-on, DLC (whatever) is rumored to be called Drone Strike and will be offered as a pre-order bonus.

As of yet, neither DICE nor EA have commented on this leak.


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Leaked Battlefield 4 Trailer Ahead of Official Reveal

Confirmed. Battlefield 4 is a thing. Following the leaked images which have since been officially demonstrated by EA, It seems as if a trailer has leaked alongside. There are clearly scenes in the video that resemble what is found in the images. Get ready for tomorrow, folks.

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