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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Map Preview Images



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Battlefield 4 Leaked Carrier Assault Tutorial Video


A video has surfaced of the upcoming Carrier Assault game play mode in Naval Strike, or rather, a tutorial of the game mode. Veterans of BF2142 will be able to get the drift fairly easily.

Essentially, there will be a number of missile silos on the ground/map area. Capturing these silos will have them launch missiles at the enemy carrier. Once that carrier’s shield is at %50, it can be boarded by your team.  You can then attack a reactor and destroy it, then head on to a second. If you destroy that, you win. However, the enemy team will also be actively defending their carrier.

As predicted, the game play is essentially the same to BF2142 Titan mode, of course with the differences that would come with it being a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, rather than a floating warship.

The video ...

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Map Names Leaked [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Check out this post for confirmed data: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: Release Date, New Weapons and Vehicle, Carrier Assault Game Mode

While non Xbox players are eagerly waiting the release of Second Assault, Battlefield’s second DLC which was a timed exclusive release for Xbox owners, rumors are starting to surface about DICE’s third DLC, Naval Strike.

Following China Rising and Second Assault, Naval Strike is Battlefield’s third of five DLCs and is scheduled for release in Spring 2014. Themed around “dynamic ocean combat”, players will experience combat in Naval Strike as the Chinese Armada takes the fight to the sea. Will Naval Strike surprise us with new boats and other naval vehicles?

The leak originates from the Russian Battlefield 4 Twitter fan account @eashooters ...

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Rumor: New Battlefield 4 Game Modes Leaked. Gun Master, Tank Superiority, and more

With the release of DLCs for Battlefield 3, and so far with Battlefield 4, DICE has introduced new game modes for players to enjoy. Battlefield 4 saw the release of Capture The Flag and Air Superiority with the release of Second Assault and Rising China, respectively.

DICE still has three more DLCs in the works for Battlefield 4 (Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand) which leaves the potential for at least three new game modes or at least three returning game modes for Battlefield 4. It is rumored that DICE intends to bring back some of the classic modes from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, and MOH Warfighter along with some new additions.

Researching game source code, a user by the name of Th3- Chronikk at se7ensin of discovered a list of potential game modes that may come to Bat...

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China Rising map previews [Video]

Gamespot has posted some video previews from a DICE Xbox One press event of the four China Rising maps for the upcoming DLC.  Unfortunately, by posting these videos, Gamespot was breaking their NDA, as these were not supposed to be released until December 3 (November 26 was the original date, but that was pushed back by EA/DICE).  Because of this, the videos have been set to private.  However, a reddit user downloaded the videos and has reposted them because they are not personally under an NDA.  Note that these may not remain up for long if EA/DICE asks YouTube to remove them.  Keep an eye on this reddit thread for possible repostings if they are taken down before you get a chance to see them, as well as for suggestions on how one might download the videos from YouTube to watch at yo...

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NEW Weapons and Gadgets – Battlefield 4 China Rising

A look at the sexy new gadgets and weapons from the China Rising DLC for Battlefield 4. Shown are the SUAV, the UCAV, L85, MTAR, MP7, L96 and RPK.

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Battlefield 4: Flood Zone map gameplay shown in new PC footage

Game play is being posted today by a few different sites showing us more of the map Flood Zone.  One of these game play videos provides us a glimpse of how the new Defuse mode will play.

Here is the first game play for the Defuse mode.  I have read it plays best on Firefox.  Note that around 1:07, we see what appears to be a wired claymore.

Defuse is clearly a replacement of Squad Rush and looks to employ some similar mechanics.  From what I gathered from this video, teams are designated attacker and defender, and there are two MCOM stations.  The attackers have to locate the bomb and plant it on the MCOM stations.  They key difference here is that there are no respawns, and players appear to only have one revive...

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Battlefield 4 Testing Range Sneak Peek

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Battlefield 4 – Classic Server Setting

A recent chat log at MordorHQ with DICE team member Darklord revealed some useful information about how servers will work in Battlefield 4.  This also appears to be a response to the outcry and feedback from Battlefield fans, much like the recent Beta Feedback blog post. While it will not be a preset setting for which we can filter, servers will be able to run in a more “classic” setting.  There will be three server types: Official (default BF4 setting, much like we saw in Beta), Ranked (settings tweaked within certain boundaries), and Unranked (password-protected private servers, and servers running admin scripts and/or with settings changed outside set limits)...

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