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Gadget Guide – Laser Designators

In Battlefield 4, the Recon class has a number of laser designator gadget options available.  From the base game, a recon has the Portable Laser Designator (PLD) and the Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM). With the release of China Rising DLC, DICE has added the Small Unmanned Air Vehicle (SUAV) to the recon’s gadget list.

The PLD is a starting gadget for the recon class.  The PLD uses thermal imaging to spot targets, and will laser designate vehicles closest to the center of its sight within a range of approximately 300 meters.  It is a portable gadget, allowing the player to use it on the move, but requires the lock be maintained for laser designation, meaning the recon must be exposed to enemy sight to operate effectively...

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Gadget Guide – XM25


The XM25 is a gadget available to the support class. By default, it is available with 25mm airburst grenades as a starting gadget.  The launcher is outfitted with an IRNV scope. The XM25 is a semiautomatic weapon, which uses a 5-round magazine.  In Battlefield 4, a player is able to carry three magazines at a time, or 15 rounds, of whichever XM25 ammunition is selected.

The XM25 is available with smoke grenades once a player has accumulated 63,000 as the support class. The XM25 Dart is unlocked at 119,000 accumulated support score. The different ammo types of the XM25 are equipped as separate gadgets. The XM25 can only be in one gadget slot, thus a player cannot equip the various ammo types at the same time.

To use the XM25 as an airburst grenade launcher, a player points at a surface t...

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Gadget Guide – M2 SLAM

The M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition) is a small portable anti-vehicle mine unlocked after accumulating 74,000 points playing as the engineer class.  By default, an engineer carries three SLAMs, and can have up to three deployed at any given time.  However, if the Anti-tank field upgrades are selected, an engineer can carry up to six mines at a time, and can deploy up to six mines at a time if the field upgrade progress bar has reached level three.

The M2 SLAM inflicts less damage than the M15 Anti-Tank Mine.  To destroy a Main Battle Tank, three SLAMs are required, while two are required for Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers, and only one for light vehicles, such as jeeps and quads...

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How to import custom Battlefield 4 emblems

Battlefield 4 allows players to add their own flair to the game by way of customizable emblems, which will appear on all your weapons and vehicles. If you’ve already created your own emblem, you know that the process of working with multiple shapes, colors, and layers can be exhausting not to mention time consuming.

There is third party software out there that can help with the effort, however the folks at have taken it a step further by allowing you to import an emblem using a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

Here’s how it’s done in three easy steps:

1: Head on over to and select one of the many emblems. Simply highlight the code and copy it (Control + C).

2: In a separate window/tab, navigate to Battlelog, sign in, and select “Customize Emblem” in t...

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Battlefield 4 Weapon Unlocks

Weapons in Battlefield 4 multiplayer are unlocked by score. Starting out with your default weapon in each class, you’ll have the opportunity to earn new guns by hitting the designated scores for each weapon below. Using these weapons will also unlock new scopes, barrels, grips, skins, and other items in Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

There are 10 overall weapon classifications in Battlefield 4. Select below for the unlock list

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Battlefield 4: Vehicle list and unlocks

Battlefield 4 delivers an all-out vehicle warfare experience with an incredible of array of customizable vehicles. Using a vehicle on Multiplayer will route your XP to Vehicle Score (VS). That Score will rank up that particular vehicle to unlock vehicle gadgets, upgrades, and weapons. See the pages below for full details on the different vehicle classes and vehicle unlocks.

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Battlefield 4 Class Kit Unlocks

Like in previous games in the series, Battlefield 4 has unlocks for each of the four classes offered in multiplayer mode: Support, Engineer, Recon, Assault. Each class has their own unique playable weapons, load out abilities, and equipment. It’s important to note that some weapons and gadgets are shared between all classes.

New this time around is the ability for players to unlock “specializations” which enable the player to get an advantage in a particular area specific for their class.

Assault is still the frontline run-and-gun kit that also serves the role of combat medic. This was one of the major changes in Battlefield 3 compared to Battlefield 2, and one that players have really appreciated...

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