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Gadget Guide – Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are gadgets available to the Recon class. There are two separate detectors available to the Recon: the motion ball unlocked at 5,000 points, and the T-UGS unlocked at 54,000 points. Motion detectors allow the Recon to identify the location of nearby enemies and share that information on the minimaps of teammates.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor, also referred to as a motion ball or “pokeball”, is a portable motion detector. The Recon can carry up to three at any given time. However, that limit increases to five upon reaching level three of the Spec Ops upgrade path. Once used, additional sensors can be resupplied from a Support’s ammo box or a Commander supply drop. The motion sensors can be thrown, much like grenades, and will travel a similar distance...

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Battlefield 4: Fast XP – 10 Tips To Rank Up Fast

How to earn more XP, rank up / level up faster, and unlock all those wonderful toys in Battlefield 4.

BF4 Ranking Tip No. 1:
XP Stacking

You know those XP boosts you receive in Battlepacks? Save those bad boys for a double XP weekend. They stack!

25% boost = 125 + 2x xp = 250 xp per kill
50% boost = 150 + 2x xp = 300 xp per kill
100% boost = 200 + 2x xp = 400 xp per kill
200% boost = 300 + 2x xp = 600 xp per kill

Using this tactic with a weekend long marathon of Operation Locker = Wow!

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Gadget Guide – MP-APS

The Man Portable Active Protection System (MP-APS) is a Support class gadget unlocked at 90,000 points.  It is an active protection unit, similar to the system found on main battle tanks and other vehicles, that can be used by infantry to defend an area or vehicles from incoming explosive projectiles. Unlike the APS on vehicles, the MP-APS provides an automatic protection cycle.

Active protection creates a short-term invisible wall of sorts  to protect from rockets and shells. It does not protect against normal bullets or hand-thrown grenades. When the system is active, incoming projectiles hit the wall and explode, protecting anyone behind.  However, being too close to the wall of protection, or in front of it, will still allow a player too be damaged by the blast.

When the appropriat...

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Gadget Guide – EOD Bot

The EOD Bot (Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot) is an Engineer class gadget unlocked at 85,000 cumulative Engineer points. The EOD Bot is a returning gadget from Battlefield 3.

The EOD Bot is a remote-controlled robotic gadget armed with a repair torch.  Like other placed gadgets that are remote-controlled, the EOD Bot must be placed on a flat surface to be deployed.  Once deployed, the player can control the EOD Bot from any location on the map.  As with similar gadgets, the player is in control of the gadget and unable to defend themselves, so identifying a safe location to hide, and/or controlling the gadget for a short period are necessary ways to remain alive while utilizing the EOD Bot.

The EOD Bot is controlled via a monochromatic camera, which gives a view down the arm that hol...

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Exploding Ship! Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort Easter Egg

Quote from the video author, jackfrags: “This is probably the big easter egg that Aleksander Grøndal from DICE was talking about! The ship explodes on Hainan resort and this is how you do it. BOOM! Credit to SZU1985 who found this on Battlelog – Epic searching and a fantastic community

More Easter Egg locations and hunts can be found on our article:  Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Locations: Campaign and Multiplayer

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Gadget Guide – M224 Mortar

The M224 Mortar is a gadget for the Support class in Battlefield 4.  It is unlocked at 76,000 cumulative Support class points and occupies one of the two available gadget slots. Battlelog describes the M224 as a “remote-controlled 60mm Mortar that fires high explosive rounds using a terrain grid targeting system. Shells travel a ballistic path and may hit objects between the launcher and the intended target. Rapid fire is very inaccurate, single shells have great precision.”

The mortar in Battlefield 3 required the player to man the emplaced weapon the entire time it was in use, leaving them susceptible to enemy sneak attacks and keeping them out of the battle...

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Battlefield 4: How to change your NAT type to open / port forwarding

Your NAT Type is either Open, Moderate, or Strict, and controls what other Nat Types you can connect to. An Open NAT Type means you can pretty much connect to anyone but is the least common of the three to have.  A Moderate NAT Type, the most common of the three, means you can only connect to others who are Open or also Moderate, while a Strict NAT Type means you will only be able to connect to others who are Open. The goal of this exercise is to have an OPEN NAT in order to get a wider selection of multi-player matches to join.

As you can probably figure out, if you have a Strict NAT Type, you’re probably going to have a bad time, at least when trying to play games online with your friends...

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Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Locations: Campaign and Multiplayer

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs either hidden objects, specific events that must be triggered by the player(s), or hidden messages that can be found in the game. Some are not hard to find, while others are either hidden from view or require coordination between multiple players to trigger.

With a history of including Easter Eggs in previous games, there is little doubt that DICE has a treasure of them hidden in Battlefield 4.

There are two rather large Easter Egg hunts going on right now by the BF4 community which is producing a handful of discovered clues. A few of which are shown below in the embedded YouTube videos, more can be found on Reddit if you’re interested in helping. Alien spaceship on Hainan Resort? Megalodon (giant shark) on Paracel Storm?

This article will be updated as more East...

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“Phantom Prospect” and “Phantom Program” Assignment and Dog Tag [UPDATE: Megalodon Easter Egg?]

DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Prospect” and unlock a unique dog tag. [UPDATE 4/7/14“Phantom Trainee” Assignment and Unlocked Camo added in Naval Strike DLC. View the unlock procedures.]

Naval Strike added . See how to unlock it here]

To unlock the assignment, you’ll need to do a few steps outside of the game itself. Here are the steps needed to unlock the assignment and the requirements needed to complete it.

First off, go to the Leaderboards on your Battlelog and note the tiny phantom icon near the bottom left of the page. Click it and wait for the “PHANTOM PROGRAM” to initialize. Once the “program” is up and running, it will prompt you for a passcode. Enter bumpinthenight and hit e...

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