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Battlefield 4 pre-load available within 24 hours before launch

With less than 5 days before the North America launch of Battlefield 4, it has been made known by Origin’s official Twitter that you will be able to download the game on PC within 24 hours prior to its launch.

Battlefield 4 launches October 29 in North America and November 1 in Europe

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Battlefield 4 Official Single Player Story Trailer [VIDEO]

This morning, Battlefield posted the new story trailer for the single player mode of Battlefield 4.  DICE promises this will be a much more engaging single player campaign than ever released with any core Battlefield title.  This is certainly an exciting trailer, and makes me feel that the single player campaign will be worth the time.  Kudos to Randy Evans (@killat0n_), the DICE Senior Video Editor in charge of this particular trailer.

Playing out much like a blockbuster movie trailer, it leads us into a story in which a naval fleet appears to be cutoff.  We then see a key source of drama in the story: distrust from “Irish”, leader of the campaign squad, of the key female character, Hannah...

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Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Top Pre-Ordered Next-Gen Video Games

Recent USA pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are starting to roll in. The data below is up to the week ending on October 19, 2013.

The Playstaion 4 gained 125,000 pre-order units since the last pre-order data refresh. Meaning a 125k increase between August 24th, 2013 and October 19th, 2013 giving a total number of 725,000 units pre-ordered in the US alone.

The Xbox One currently sits at 525,000 pre-orders.

Battlefield 4 is trailing its biggest competitor’s pre-order numbers on both systems, tallying 273,766 on PS4 and 153,221 on Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 – Top 10 Pre-order

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts - 298,180
2. Battlefield 4 - 273,766
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall - 250,155
4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - 213,354
5. Watch Dogs - 153,569
6. Destiny - 89,970

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RISK: Battlefield 4 Rogue Board Game

Risk Battlefield Rogue combines the tactical squad-based team play from the award-winning Battlefield series with the strategy and skill of the Risk game. The game comes with nine different scenarios, each with its own victory condition. In each scenario, you choose tiles to combine to form the battlefield. Then, you use squads to achieve your objective. You might be fighting to control a zone, placing units in a certain location, or eliminating your opponent’s units.

There are three levels of play: Boot Camp, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Advanced mode includes rules for air support, destructible cover, special commander powers, and class-specific powers...

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Battlefield 4 Battlepacks Explained – Officially Not Pay to Win

Bronze, Silver, & Gold:  Battlepacks

Another exciting element to Battlefield 4 progression is the concept of Battlepacks. Battlepacks are bundles of content that are awarded at certain Ranks. Think of them as a collection of items that are not hard-coded and will be granted at specific moments in your career. At certain ranks, you’ll get a handful of items, but you’ll never know exactly in what order you’ll receive them.

Depending on your actual Rank, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack of either Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank. The value of the Battlepack decides the number of items you receive in the pack, as well as the chance to get something really rare.


The items you will find in the Battlepacks come in 4 different colors to indicate rarity: Standard...

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Battlefield 4 – Ranks, Ribbons, Medals, and Scoring


Earned at set scores total in multiplayer, goes from Rank 1 to 100
Each rank has 5 sub-ranks
Rank 16: Sergeant I
Rank 20: Sergeant V
Rank 21: Staff Sergeant I

Perhaps the biggest bragging right in Battlefield 4 is the Rank you achieve, from 0 (Recruit) to 100 (Colonel). Rank is strictly a number that shows your dedication to the game, and each Rank has five sub-ranks denoted by Roman numerals – similar to the system used by the U.S. Marines. So at Rank 16 you’ll hit “Sergeant”, with Rank 20 being “Sergeant V” and Rank 21 bringing a new title (“Staff Sergeant”). Your Rank is directly tied to your accumulated score throughout your multiplayer career, and is a way to represent the sum total you’ve accomplished so far...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will happen, says DICE

Though not Battlefield 4 news, it is interesting news regarding the Battlefield franchise worth sharing here. Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will happen, creative director Lars Gustavsson told reporters at a Battlefield 4 event, clarifying that it won’t happen immediately due to projects already being worked on.

The Bad Company [team] isn’t forgotten, they are just on a very long vacation,” says Gustavsson. “They are out there, they’re coming back.

My feeling is that I would love to do it. For me, when we started the company with 1942, it was really a work of passion,” said Gustavsson at a press event reported by Polygon.

And then we worked our way through the era of different wars, and I loved them all, like my little babies...

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Obliteration mode now available for Battlefield 4 beta

DICE has announced that they are including the new Obliteration multiplayer game mode for all beta players on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. In addition to already available Conquest mode, Obliteration will be available for the last 6 days of the beta… which means now – October 15th.

On consoles you need to use the manual server browser to filter for Obliteration game mode. It is not available through Quick Match during the beta.

In this mode, each team has a set of objectives to defend, which the other team is trying to destroy. The catch is that only one bomb is available at a time to destroy an objective, and it spawns at a random spot within a central zone. This sounds to me like some hybrid combination of conquest, rush, and capture the flag.

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Battlefield 4 Beta – Current Lists of Known Bugs / Issues

Here is a list of known bugs / issues that the Battlefield 4 Beta development team is currently looking into. It’s important to note that this is a dynamic list as more people play and report issues.


* We have received reports of Freezes and Crashes affecting the BF4 Beta client. Our team is currently investigating this matter and we will update you here as soon as we know more.
* If you are affected by a Freeze or a Crash upon joining a game, and the error message “BF4 Beta has stopped working” appears, please make sure your Windows is fully updated and your Graphic card is running on its latest driver. Alternatively, some players using GeForce drivers were able to fix this by downgrading their driver to an earlier version.
* We received report of unusually low performance...

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