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Amazon has two additional high resolution screenshots [UPDATED]

amazon bf4 screenshot has a two extra screenshots of Battlefield 4 that we are unable, as of now, to find out on the interwebs.


[Update] Found. They are everywhere online now.



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Battlefield Pre-Order Details

battlefield 4 preorder details has Battlefield 4 available for pre-order and has the release date set for December 31, 2013. We were hoping to see some pricing for the next generation consoles, however pricing for the Playstation 4 and still yet unannounced XBOX 720 has not been displayed. Also missing from Amazon is the Digital Deluxe version of the game, though it is available via Origin.

By pre-ordering Battlefield 4 on any platform at any participating retailer, gamers will receive a Premium expansion pack at no additional cost.

DICE also revealed the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe, an Origin exclusive special edition that includes the base game and bonus in-game digital items. This edition also includes the free Premium expansion pack and access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta.


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Battlefield 4: 60 Second TV Spot Video


Watch the first Battlefield 4 trailer with music featuring Rihanna

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EA releases 17-minute gameplay video

EA has released a full 17-minute gameplay video of the first mission of Battlefield 4′s single-player campaign. The player takes control of one of the squad members.

The game does look superb, but we’re not seeing a huge leap in quality, nevertheless, it does look improved.

DICE has a lot to do to win back fans who were extremely disappointed with BF3′s campaign, so does this make you feel any better about BF4?

Let us know in th...

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Battlefield 4 beta confirmed for Fall 2013

Confirmed by Battlefield Community Manager Ian Tornay, via Twitter,  that Battlefield 4 beta will begin in Fall 2013 for gamers who bought copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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Battlefield 4 forums officially open

Both EA and have officially opened their forums up for business. Following the links below for access.

EA Battlefield 4 Forums Battlefield 4 Forums

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Official Battlefield 4 Wallpaper Released

Here we go folks. Get ready for the torrent of new stuff BF4 related with their official unveil around the corner. EA will be unveiling Battlefield 4 to the world on March 27 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Until then, enjoy the tease via a new Battlefield 4 wallpaper. Click the image for a larger version.

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Battlefield 4 confirmed for Playstation 4 / XBOX 720 release

According to EA Labels President Frank Gibeau, while speaking about recent redundancies at the company’s Los Angeles and Montreal studios, Battlefield 4 will be a PS4 and Xbox 720 launch title later this year. He added that certain decisions had to be made in order to successfully prepare for the next generation of consoles.

Quoting Mr. Gibeau:

For EA’s creative teams, this transition comes as no surprise. We’ve been investing and innovating on new technology for months. Console partners who have seen our early work agree, EA’s next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing.

At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak at Battlefield 4...

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