Battlefield Hardline Delay Pushes Back Battlefield 4′s Final Stand DLC

bf4-final-standDuring a call with Electronic Arts investors, EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that Final Stand is now delayed and “coming Q3.” The company’s fiscal Q3, to which he was referring, runs from October 1 and December 31, 2014.

Visceral Games has said that Hardline’s delay turns out to be the right choice as it will allow them additional time to work on results that may have surfaced during the playable beta released last month. “It was not our original intention at that time but it’s been actually a blessing [...] Over time, games are living longer and longer and becoming bigger and bigger, and you only get one chance to come out.“. Feedback from the beta required the team go back and rework significant parts of the game. “This work is really iterative,” he said. “You think you’re making one thing, but when you give it to a bunch of people, they do a bunch of other stuff, and then you go, ‘I guess we made something a little different! Cool, but how could it even be better now?’ So we’re taking the extra time to make it better.”