Battlefield 4 CTE – Triage and other changes

triageDICE continues to implement changes to the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE) in an effort to test potential improvements to the game. The most recent wave of changes offer some improvements that are sure to please a number of players should they make it to the official game build.

A significant UI change that many players have been clamoring for is called “triage”. With this, the revive icon is changed to include a progress circle (much like what you get when arming/disarming an MCOM. This progress meter indicates to you how much time is left before the player becomes unrevivable. This would allow a medic to know if they have enough time to charge the paddles, as well as prioritize numerous downed allies. This will be a very welcome improvement to the game.

The CTE is also testing some tweaks to jet gameplay, including a return of the BF3-style chase camera, which is locked and does not roll with the jet. They have also tweaked the aiming reticle, adding one to the third-person view, and adding a shadow to the first-person reticle to make it easier to see against bright backgrounds.

CTE players are also testing some very welcome tweaks to the Obliteration game mode. The bomb carrier is no longer visible at all times on the map. Instead, they now show for 10 seconds and hide for 5, allowing a player a little more opportunity for evasion. They have also added an alert for vehicle drivers when the bomb carrier becomes a passenger. I cannot say how many times I hesitated because I was not sure if the player that just jumped in was the bomb carrier or one of the other 5 players swarming around them.

Other CTE changes include reduction in third-person hit reaction and head flinching animation, an increase to the Commander’s gunship cooldown timer to 60 seconds, and increases to the quantity of smoke coming from 40mm and M18 grenades. The CTE servers are also testing an overhaul to the Rush game mode. This overhaul includes tweaks and changes too numerous to list her, but they involve things such as repositioning MCOMs, adding and removing cover, adding/moving/removing vehicles, and other things to help the rush maps feel more balanced to the game mode.

Here is a video from Ghost Gaming showing a few of these changes to jets and the triage in action: