Battlefield 4: Support Class Unlocks

Support Class Weapon Unlocks

The Support kit has a few more offensive options,  and thanks to community feedback will retain his C4 and Claymores from Battlefield 3. The XM25 gives him some nice indirect suppressive fire, a redesigned remote mortar allows him to use indirect fire from a distance, and the ability to equip carbines and DMRs gives him an added versatility in combat roles.

Item Score Desc.
Default Single use Ammo Pack that resupplies a small amount of bullets to a single soldier on the move.
7,000 Anti-personnel mine that launches 3 trip wires shortly after being deployed. Breaking a wire will detonate the mine. A mine with no trip wires is unable to detonate and should be redeployed.
16,000 Unlocks the QBS-09 and Shotguns for All Kits. Use the QBS-09 to unlock additional Shotguns.
27,000 LEVEL 1: SPRINT: Increases maxiumum Sprint Speed by 10%

LEVEL 2: AMMO: Increases maximum inventory of Bullets by 50%

Increases maximum inventory of Hand Grenades by 1

Increases height you can Fall without Damage

ammo box 38,000 Stationary persistent Ammo Crate. Soldiers nearby will resupply ammo for all weapons, gadgets, and explosives.
50,000 LEVEL 1: AMMOBAG UPGRADE: Increases maximum deployed Ammo Boxes and Packs by 1

LEVEL 2: AMMO:Increases maximum inventory of Bullets by 50%

LEVEL 3: INDIRECT FIRE:Increases maximum M224 and XM25 Ammo

Occupied vehicles will slowly Resupply nearby Soldiers

63,000 Fires 25mm grenades that can explode mid-flight creating an airburst smoke effect to block sight and spotting. Aiming down the sights at a cover will lock in that distance, allowing the grenade to explode in the air 3 meters past the cover.
76,000 Remote-controlled 60mm Mortar that fires high explosive rounds using a terrain grid targeting system. Shells travel a ballistic path and may hit objects between the launcher and the intended target. Rapid fire is very inaccurate, single shells have great precision.
90,000 Man-Portable Active Protection System that detonates incoming explosive Rockets and Shells from both infantry and vehicles before they can hit their targets. Will not stop normal bullets or hand thrown grenades. Can destroy multiple incoming threats in a 180-degree arc, but must recharge between uses.
104,000 LEVEL 1: AMMO:Increases maximum inventory of Bullets by 50%

LEVEL 2: SUPPRESSION:Increases amount of Outgoing Suppression by 50%

Increases the maximum inventory of Claymores to 3

LEVEL 4: MP-APS UPGRADE: Increases time MP-APS can deflect incoming explosives

119,000 Fires a 25mm cartridge packed with penetrating Flechettes that effectively transform the launcher into a semiautomatic shotgun.
134,000 Plastic explosives that stick to most surfaces. Capable of a Mobility Kill on vehicles, and the remote detonator allows for traps and ambushes.

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