Battlefield 4: How to change your NAT type to open / port forwarding

Your NAT Type is either Open, Moderate, or Strict, and controls what other Nat Types you can connect to. An Open NAT Type means you can pretty much connect to anyone but is the least common of the three to have.  A Moderate NAT Type, the most common of the three, means you can only connect to others who are Open or also Moderate, while a Strict NAT Type means you will only be able to connect to others who are Open. The goal of this exercise is to have an OPEN NAT in order to get a wider selection of multi-player matches to join.

As you can probably figure out, if you have a Strict NAT Type, you’re probably going to have a bad time, at least when trying to play games online with your friends.  To top it all off, sometimes it’s pretty hard for your games to figure out your type and will connect you incorrectly, sometimes your ISP has a separate NAT Type, and sometimes our servers or your connection might just be down.

However, there are a few steps to take that may improve your NAT Type.

First, make sure you have the following ports open:

TCP Ports- 80, 443, 9988, 17502, 20000-20100, 22990, 42127
UDP Ports- 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300

PlayStation 4 (PS4):
TCP Ports- 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480
UDP Ports- 3478-3479

PlayStation 3 (PS3):
TCP Ports- 80, 443, 3659, 9988, 10000-10100, 42127
UDP Ports- 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070

Xbox One:
TCP Ports- 53, 80, 3074
UDP Ports- 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500

Xbox 360:
TCP Ports- 53, 80, 3074
UDP Ports- 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500

How do I port forward?

Step 1

Follow one of the following videos to assign your PC, Xbox 360/One, or PS3/4 a static IP.

Xbox One: Xbox 360:

Step 2
Once your device has a static IP, you’ll need to tell your router to forward all packets to the ports in step 1 to that static IP (i.e port forwarding). Log into your router and forward ports to the static IP you established in step 1

Step 3

Still confused? Step by step shown at Just select your router model. Pretty pics will show you the way to an open NAT

Infographic of what’s happening (click for larger view)