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Battlelog features revealed in latest Battlefield 4 Blog [Update: Video added]

In today’s edition of the Battlefield4 Blog, Battlelog Assistant producer Jesper Nielson goes into detail on the revamped Battlelog being done for BF4. Several new important things have been added to the web-based game system. The first major one is In-Game integration, which is certainly something that I am excited about.

“This in-game overlay will give you access to tons of Battlelog features. You can see what your friends are doing, check their stats and join their game. You can also see who is in your squad when playing multiplayer and look up their profile. Maybe you want to check your standings on the Geo Leaderboards, or create a Mission. It’s all available at any time during the game. You can even see how you’re progressing towards your next rank or unlocks in real-time!”


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Battlefield 4: Field Upgrades Explained

In our last post in August about Field Upgrades, Lead Multiplayer Designer Thomas “Tompen” Andersson shared some information on what’s coming to BF4. Post Gamescom and Pre-Alpha, we now have additional details and images to help explain this new feature coming to Battlefield 4 in October.

Field upgrades allow you to customize your class beyond just weapon attachments. There are three universal field upgrades that any class can equip: Defensive, Offensive, and Shadow.  In addition, there are two specific field upgrades for each class making it so you always have five options to pick from (shown below).

Each field upgrade has four levels of progression...

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Assault Rifle Gameplay in Latest Battlefield 4 Build

This week, some members of the Battlefield YouTube community were invited out to the EA/DICE studios in LA to play and record the latest build of Battlefield 4, so we should expect to see some great content coming out over the next few days.  One of the first to post gameplay was LevelCap, who compiled a video of him testing out every assault rifle currently in the game.  From this assault rifle gameplay, we get to see these rifles in action and preview each of their amazing sound signatures.  His video also gives us a taste of various other things, such as hearing some of the Chinese voice overs, and a few other items I noticed:

* When on an objective, the objective indicator is still on the edge of your HUD, as we have seen in other builds...

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Patrick Bach Interview: Netcode, Server Options, High Value Targets, more (Video)

Youtuber Jackfrags sits down for an interview with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach. Netcode Improvements, Dinosaurs, Commander mutiny, High Value Targets, ADS sensitivity, Battlerecorder, eSports, patches, spectator mode, submarines, and new details about the game.

Here are some highlights and the corresponding minute marker:

1:03 Netcode
We’ve done a lot to improve the netcode, but I think it’s important to understand that you can never have a game like Battlefield 4 with perfect netcode. Because of the complexity with the amount of players, vehicles, bullet trajectories, destruction, etc. you can never have a perfect netcode. Too many things can go wrong.

2:25 Commander Mode
The option for players to mutiny will be in Battlefield 4...

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Battlefield 4 – Hints of Unseen Map, Submarine, and Commander Mode Assets

In the latest “Road to Battlefield 4” blog post, the Battlefield devs discuss how Commander Mode was created for Battlefield 2 and how the idea evolved to what it has become in Battlefield 4.  Within the blog post is an animated gif of some Commander Mode concept mock-ups for Battlefield 4.  The primary images of this gif are the familiar top-down view of Siege of Shanghai.

However, if one is to break the gif down to its individual frames for more careful viewing, we can see what appears to be a new map.  On the right side of this new map appears to be a dam.  They have already discussed a levee that can be breached to flood an urban map, so whether or not this dam will do the same we will have to wait to see...

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Video on Intervention sniper rifle and Sniper gameplay changes

A ten minute video recorded by Wintergore at Gamescon dives into some specific changes and features regarding sniper gameplay, and shows footage of the Intervention sniper rifle (SRR-61, for the official designation).

Here is some of the information that Winter goes into regarding gameplay:

Gameplay that Affects Snipers:

* Running Reduces Accuracy
* Scope Sway
* Reduced Suppression
* Quick Scoping and No Scoping Doesn’t work well, (really inaccurate).
* Weather Effects such as windy trees and bushes reveal your location a lot easier (when your the only thing not blowing around in the wind).

Movement that Affects Snipers:

* Vault Jumping (Pressing space mid vault will allow you to jump from the wall your vaulting parkour style (means that you can jump between buildings a lot easier and get ...

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Battlefield 4 – Creating Levolution (Video)

In the latest Battlefield Blog post from Thomas Andersson, he discusses the creation of Levolution (which thankfully evolved from timed events), a little about the types of Levolution, and DICE’s intent on how Levolution will factor into game play. Regarding the internal decisions leading to the creation and naming of Levolution, he writes,

But we soon realized that players much prefer manual control to as great an extent as possible – so we steered down the path of maximizing player interaction with our dynamic content instead. The clearest feedback came from all of the players who tried to blow up the tower in Caspian Border that we talked about in the first blog post.

The name was then changed to Levolution. This is a good opportunity for me to assume full responsibility for the name...

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Latest “Road to BF4″ Blog shows Russian soldiers, Field upgrades, Suppression

In their latest “Road to BF4″ blog post, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz goes in depth into changes they have made to squad play since BF3, most noticeably Field Upgrades, which are ways that squads can gain an advantage in the battlefield with good play.

There is too much information to go over in this write up, so check out the blog for all the details, but Kertz talks about how there are specialized field upgrades for each class, and also two general ones that specialize in offense or defense.

Another part of the blog is dedicated to the changes made in the suppression system, and how it has changed from battlefield 3. Most notably, how for most classes it is greatly reduced, and how the visible effect has been taken out, in favor of an effect which allows for more skilled control.


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Levolution – More to Come

From details and discussions already had, we know that levolution will go beyond the predetermined destruction of Battlefield 3, as it is meant to affect game play in some way. DICE has stated that the intent of levolution is to change the way a map plays, thus encompassing both destructive elements, such as the Shanghai tower, and non-destructive, such as bollards.

From game play footage and DICE interviews, we have seen and heard of various forms of destructive levolution:

*  The tower in Siege of Shanghai can be taken down by the players, creating a pile of debris and a cloud of dust that obscures vision, especially from the air.
*  Underground pillars can be destroyed, causing a section of roadway to cave in, possibly changing routes or trapping vehicles.
*  Partial collapse of a...

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