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Battlefield 4: PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC Graphic Comparison [Video]

The videos shown below are taken from the Xbox One and Playstation 4′s development kits used by the game-makers. The game as shown is what DICE claims to be a “near-finalized state” adding that only very minor tweaks will be added to what is shown below.

For control, full RGB settings were changed in both the Xbox One and Playstation 4′s system setting menus, the game’s brightness setting is set to its default 30%, and video resolution was at 1080p. PC’s have the upper hand as the hardware can be updated to outperform the next generation consoles, for the purpose of this test, the PC setup is thought to be center line to what users may be running today. PC settings were set to “ultra” at 1080p and was ran on an eight-core AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM and dual-Crossfired HD 7970s.


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BF4 Release – Eat, Sleep, Have Fun!

Well, the time has come. Battlefield 4 releases tonight, our light and reason has arrived (at least for this blog). Although it’s just a video game for some, it is many things for many people. A stress reliever. A place of competition. An example of fine craftsmanship in the art of game design.

Whatever it is for you, I hope you will take a few things into account when you load it up for the first time. These are suggestions only from someone who loves the franchise, and gaming in general, so you are of course not required to entertain any of these tidbits, but I hope you do.

First, make sure you prioritize your time with it. Don’t neglect other responsibilities you have in life, with the exception being if your responsibilities require playing (if it does, do you have any openings?)...

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Battlefield 4: Flood Zone map gameplay shown in new PC footage

Game play is being posted today by a few different sites showing us more of the map Flood Zone.  One of these game play videos provides us a glimpse of how the new Defuse mode will play.

Here is the first game play for the Defuse mode.  I have read it plays best on Firefox.  Note that around 1:07, we see what appears to be a wired claymore.

Defuse is clearly a replacement of Squad Rush and looks to employ some similar mechanics.  From what I gathered from this video, teams are designated attacker and defender, and there are two MCOM stations.  The attackers have to locate the bomb and plant it on the MCOM stations.  They key difference here is that there are no respawns, and players appear to only have one revive...

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How fast will you rank? – Battlefield 4 ranking system

With the recent update to Battlelog in preparation for Battlefield 4, all of the symbols and artwork needed for the game have been inputted, and one of those is all of the ranks. I talked about what I thought the ranks would be like in a previous post, and it seems now that they have kept the ranking system very similar to BF3, but there are differences.

The low down:

There are only 100 ranks, and Colonel is the highest, but there are no numbered colonels as in BF3.

I am guessing that it will take more time for each rank, especially compared to the low ranks from BF3 and their counterparts in BF4. The Beta showed us that it did take a significant amount of time to rank up even the lowest levels, with the many ways to score included...

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Battlefield 4 Beta Feedback

Today’s Battlefield Blog post is a big thank you from DICE for all the Battlefield 4 beta feedback the community has provided these past couple weeks, and encouragement to continue providing suggestions, concerns, bug reports, etc. via the Battlefield 4 Beta Battlelog Feedback Forums.  I, for one, am very appreciative of DICE’s interaction with the community and how they are keeping us apprised of the games’s development over these final days.

This blog post in particular is very informative and provides a lot of information many among us will be exceptionally happy to hear...

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Battlefield 4 Themed Merchandise

Battlefield 4′s beta is almost over and we’ll soon have 2 weeks (3 weeks for non USA folk) to wait for the release of the retail version and all its glory. EA and other manufactures hope to make Battlefield a pop culture brand by releasing multiple branded accessories. iPhone cases, headsets, mouse mats, books, T-shirts, posters and more are already available for those that can’t get enough BF4.

This will be our biggest and best planned campaign to date,” EA’s senior brand licensing manager Stephen Wanigesekera stated. “This range will help the specialists diversify their offerings, whilst more mass market retailers will be interested in items that can enlarge their established categories, such as peripherals, books and apparel. There is a great o...

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Article: Battlefield 4 Beta – My Initial Thoughts

The Battlefield 4 Beta has been active since October 1 for those with “exclusive” access, and October 4 for everyone else.  It has certainly been a great experience to get in and help DICE test server loads and other factors of their game in a live environment.  I certainly hope they are getting as much as possible out of this to make this the best Battlefield yet.  I have been lucky; while my somewhat outdated CPU has been pushed to its limits, I at least was able to play whenever I had time and did not find myself stuck on the loading screen.

The version we are playing is about a month old and was developed somewhat in parallel with the retail version to get it ready to go live sooner...

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Spectator Mode: Battlefield Blog

Today DICE released another Battlefield Blog, with this weeks edition featuring the all-new Spectator Mode.

Spectator Mode was heavily requested after an absence in Battlefield 3, so it’s addition to BF4 is warmly received, especially by youtubers, film-makers and competitive gamers. Spectator requires you to join a game specifically in that spot, so you cannot switch from playing to spectating just like that.

“If spectating is enabled, there are four Spectator slots per server, and those four slots are excluded from the number of players the game mode allows. So on PC and next-gen consoles, you could have 64 players + 2 Commanders + 4 Spectators.”

There are several different views that you can have in the mode, such as tabletop (See above pic), First-Person and Third-Person, and there ...

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Battlefield 4 Beta GPU and CPU Benchmarks


[UPDATE 10/30/13] Retail benchmarks have been released and can be viewed here.

Russian website has done an outstanding job, again. They recently put up some very nice CPU, GPU, VRAM, and Video Stutter benchmark tests running on Nvidia and AMD graphics cards as well as Intel and AMD CPUs. RAM benchmarks were also preformed.

DICE warned that the Beta version of the game does not represent the final quality of BF4. Keep in mind that the Beta is missing some level textures and not fully optimized. Recommended hardware specs are:

OS: Windows 8 64-bit [More on why Win8 is recommended]
Processor (AMD): Six-Core
Processor (Intel): Quad-Core
Memory: 8 GB
Hard Drive / Solid State Drive: 30 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 7870 [Amazon]
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce GT 6...

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